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Running Sanitarium on Windows Vista (64bit) = Fail (for now!)

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Crystalia said...
  • frustrated
I decided to install Sanitarium on my PC today cause I really wanted to try that game again.

I wasn't expecting much of the graphic knowing that the game was launched back in 1997 or something like that. I remembered the gameplay being very entertaining... so I just had to try playing it again.

I installed it without problem, even got to watch the Intro movie.... but when the game was suppose to start running it crashed. I'm runinng a 64bit version of Windows so I should have expected it.

I gave up that night cause I just didn't feel like troubleshooting the problem.

I'll try working on it when I have a little bit more time to spare, like next weekend maybe.

Sanitarium (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 21/OCT/98
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oh goodluck getting it to work, sanitarium is incredible!
Sanitarium is an interesting game indeed. I played it myself... maybe around a year ago, so it was probably on Windows XP. I saw some scenes while my sister was playing it before and I wish I hadn't, because some things probably were less surprising this way. I still enjoyed the game. :)
I had this wierd bug on it tho where sometimes text just skipped ahead, but i did get teh majority of what was going on.. but yeah that game was just amazing... really messed with your mind
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